Service: Change Registered Office

   About This Service

Want to change your Company’s registered Office? Yes, you are at the right place. of authorised capital. This involves change in the charter documents of the Company i.e. Memorandum of Association of Company and involves approval of Registrar.

Services Covered

    • Secretarial services relating to change in company's registered address
    •  Filing of Form MGT-14 and INC - 22/23
    •  Includes change in registered office only within the same state
    •  In case, you need to shift It to another state, our charges may cary from Rs. 9,999 to 14,999


    • Step 1: Purchase of Plan
    •  Step 2: Provide new registered address and connected details
    •  Step 3: Discuss with your Teller and provide relevant documents
    •  Step 4: Teller will file MGT-14 and INC - 22/23 on your behalf