Service: Increase in Authorised Share Capital

   About This Service

Finding current capital low? Then you are at the right place, where your Teller will guide you with each step required to increase the Authorised Share Capital of the Company. All the compliances will be taken care by the Teller.

Services Covered

    • Drafting of notices to be issued in EGM, minutes of meeting of Board and Shareholders, and resolutions of meetings.
    •  Change in Memorandum of Association (upto Rs. 10 lakhs) - Ay increase beyond Rs 10 lakhs would require additional govt fee to repaid by you
    •  Issue of share certificate (if required)


    •  Process: (Estimated time : 5 days)
    •  Step 1: Purchase of Plan
    •  Step 2: Assistance in holding Board Meeting and drafting resolutions, director appointment letter and disclosures
    •  Step 3: Filing MGT 14 and SH-7
    •  Step 5: Amendment in Memorandum of Association (MOA) by your Teller