Service: Partnership Firm Registration

   About This Service

Incorporate a Partnership Firm to run your business with Partners. Leave your worries to your Teller and just buy this plan to avail end to end services right from registering as a partnership firm to preparation of documents involved.

Services Covered

    •  PAN Application
    •  Partnership Deed Drafting
    •  Filing of deed and other documents with the Registrar of Firms
    •  Issue of Registration Certificate
    •  Affidavit filing with the registrar

Who Should Buy

    •  At least 2 people wiling to start a business
    •  Scaling up business with funds from more than 1 person
    •  Existing unregistered Partnership Firm


    • Step 1: Purchase of Plan
    •  Step 2: Provision of documents
    •  Step 3: Discussion with Teller & Partnership Deed Drafting
    •  Step 4: Filing of application with Registrar
    •  Step 5: Receipt of Registration Certificate