Solutions: all your questions answered

Its only a 3 step process:
Go to our account.
- Select file my ITR for the year ___ under Manage ITR tab
- Submit your data and documents required in the fields
- Approve draft and get your acknowledgement within 24 hours

You may either call/message/whatsapp at the number mentioned in your Dashboard, or send a mail to discuss your clarifications. However, in case you need any assistance w.r.t business, finance or taxes, Login to your account and raise queries in My Advisories section in relevant tab (i.e. Income Tax, GST or other regulatory laws). Your Teller (CA) will resolve your queries on real time basis.

We are strict on our rules and ethics. Your Income Tax account information is safe and confidential with us. We use 256 bit SSL SHA-2 which keeps your credentials encrypted. Also, we are not permitted to disclose any of your financial matters to any outsider. In case, not comfortable in sharing the information, your Teller will be in regular touch with you and keep reminding you for checking your account regularly.

Who said you need to manage Income Tax notices/queries? You were not the one who filed your ITR, then why burden yourself with unnecessary notices. Your subscription to our litigation support will scrap all your anxiety and your Teller will manage it for you! Subscribe and your work is over, Let TaxTellers work for you! Its a simple process, login and raise appropriate request under My Assessments section. (Refund Follow up/ Refund wrongly received/ Other Assessments)

We do not provide auditing services, however, we can connect you with reputed CA firms on our panel for getting your accounts audited.

Yes, we provide GST return compliance services. Our Dashboard for GST in currently under design due to new system being implemented from 1 April. You can e-mail all your invoices and your Teller will provide you with regular acknowledgements and details every month.

Yes, TaxTellers is a one-stop solution to al your business compliance and advisory needs. You get simplified solution for your accounting needs. You just have to provide us your invoices each month/ daily basis and we will provide you with the reviewed financial statements and notes to accounts.

Query package includes 40 queries in each purchase. Individual query is priced @ Rs. 1,199 and business package @1,999. Each query raised will be considered as separate query and will be reduced from pending queries. You will be notified as and when your balance of queries fall below 5. In case, you are asking queries on call, you will be shared an e-mail notification about deduction of query from balance. After each response from your Teller, a query is closed

In case, you reopen a closed query, a query will be deducted from the number of queries.

It ideally covers responses to your routine based queries. However, in case you need any specific business advise or a comprehensive note w.r.t matters involving complex issues and in-depth analysis by experts you will be notified by you Teller and such a query will be chargeable on time spent basis. A separate quotation will be provided each time you send us through a mail. We assure you that you wont be charged any unreasonable price. All services are available at very economical price without a compromise on quality.

Queries under advisory packages are valid for unlimited period. Out of 40 queries, maximum of 20 queriees can be carried to year starting after 1 year from the date of purchase.

Pricing package mentioned for ITRs are on the basis of your business size. Should you wish to obtain any specific consultancy/ advisory, please subscribe to specific service and you will be notified on the services subscribed in your Dashboard under My Purchases.

Don’t worry! In case you have purchased a worn package, we are there to make adjustments for you. We will update your package purchased based on your need and any price adjustments will be provided to you via bank transfer within 7 days!