Dozer Has Raised $3 Millions Funding Led By Sequoia Capital India And Southeast Asia’s Surge

By Mahenoor Khan    -   April 7, 2023

  • DATE OF ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 April 2023

Dozer is  the result of hardwork of Vivek Gudapuri and Matteo Pelati, who founded the company from their base in Singapore nearly a year ago. The duo have built a distributed team of 10 across Asia and Eastern Europe as they gear up to expand beyond the product’s current source available (i.e. not-quite open source) incarnation and into a fully monetizable product

Matteo Pelati have over 20 years of software and data engineering experience,  has been part of data engineering leadership teams and built real-time data platforms at organisations such as Goldman Sachs, DBS and DataRobot.

Gudapuri has deep product and platform engineering expertise, having led technical teams and scaled platforms in technology companies such as PaySense and Yojee.

  • VALUATION : Not disclosed

Dozer  has several investors  including Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia’s Surge, also saw participation from Gradient Ventures and January Capital.


  • Dozer, an open-source data infrastructure platform that helps software engineers create application programming interfaces (API
  • Dozer has been testing its product with a handful of undisclosed design partners, and today it’s emerging from stealth for any developer to access. The company also revealed it has raised $3 million in seed funding from Sequoia Capital’s Indian arm (via its Surge program), Google’s Gradient Ventures, and January Capital.
  • Users plug Dozer into their existing data stack, which may include databases, data warehouses, and data lakes, and Dozer takes care of real-time data extraction, caching, and indexing, and surfacing it through low-latency APIs. So while something like Airbyte or Fivetran helps with getting data into a data warehouse, Dozer focuses on the other side — “making this data accessible in the most efficient way
  • Dozer said it aims to simplify the process of creating APIs, which is currently very complex. Unlocking internal data sources for use by external customers continues to be a very tough process that requires streaming updates, scheduling, transformation, multiple document stores, caching, and so on.


Dozer cofounders Matteo Pelati and Vivek Gudapuri said in a joint statement. “Dozer offers a novel approach to building data APIs, playing in a very strategic and potentially large TAM. Dozer was born from the result of multiple painful experiences in delivering scalable data products at different organisations such as DBS Bank, Goldman Sachs, DataRobot and PaySense (now PayU)’


Gudapuri further said that Dozer “takes an opinionated approach,” one that tackles very specific problems and no more. For instance, incumbent streaming databases solve many problems far beyond what Dozer offers, which is all about serving real-time data updates and APIs in a single product.


“We solve just the right amount of problems in each of these categories to offer a fast building experience for developers, as well as ready-to-go performance,” Gudapuri said. “Developers (currently) have to integrate several tools to achieve the same.”

Because of these design choices, Dozer offers a far superior query latency which is necessary for customer-facing applications,” Pelati said. “A single developer can spin-up entire data apps in minutes, that would typically take months of effort. A team doesn’t have to build and maintain several integrations saving time and money.”


The latest funding will be used to Singapore-headquartered company scale its product and engineering teams.


Its competitors include Postman, StepZen, StrongLoop, Blobr


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